College is a pivotal point in a young man’s life when he truly begins to shape his identity. This is a time when many men understand who they are and how to make their own decisions. In the midst of that self-discovery, many men seek a place to belong and something to stand for. Lambda Chi Alpha answers the call.

Generational Empowerment

We have a clear understanding of today’s students. Time after time, Lambda Chi has helped men of different backgrounds and perspectives face and overcome unique generational challenges. As workforce needs, technology advances, and societal expectations change and evolve, Lambda Chi remains committed to creating a powerful cycle of authentic men.

Equal Membership

Members experience Lambda Chi life from day one without competing for loyalty or pride. From the first time a brother chooses Lambda Chi, we educate them on our history and values and show what it means to lead with service and purpose. Brothers accept and welcome these new members for who they are and who they will become.

Selfless Service

We serve from a place of advocating for others and making intentional change. Our leadership model enables men to roll their sleeves up and support their local communities where they need help most. Giving back means something personal to each of us.

Lifelong Leadership

College is the start of it all, but the benefits of Lambda Chi brotherhood reach new heights when a man finds ways to bring his best self to his family, industry and community at every stage of his life. Lambda Chi equips our brothers to embody leadership on and off campus, and in everything they do.